I am a songwriter, musician and creative activist. I believe that words, music and rhythm have the power to connect, express and uplift. I believe that art is necessary in these times. That songs have power. I write them because it feels natural and necessary. I write to record, remember, contain, release, grapple, make sense, make whole and give hope. I write songs that are unafraid to speak of the dark and songs that celebrate the light. I write songs that support us in rising together.

I intend to live my life as soul-fully as possible, where embracing the unknown is essential and choosing hope beyond fear is necessary. The most important thing I’ve done in recent years is walk 900 miles solo around the coast of Wales. I currently live and work on an organic farm growing vegetables, nuts and fruits. Before I shifted my life to be simple and more connected to the earth’s cycles,  I was an academic, a cleaner, an ice cream vendor and a youth worker.

I’ve sung in forests, fire circles and protest rallies; festivals, events and pubs; prisons, churches and schools; by the sea, on top of mountains and in front of thousands of people. I’ve been commissioned to write songs for the theatre, for personal celebrations, for women’s empowerment movements and social action projects. Through this I’ve had the privilege of performing in both the UK and the U.S.

I’ve been writing and recording since I was 8 years old, on a tiny Casio keyboard and into a crackly tape recorder. Back then I believed that you could simply make your cassette and stick it on the shelves of music stores and the world would hear it. Actually, thanks to the internet that is now kind of possible. I have always had a deep desire to make records of my music.

I independently released my demo in 2011, my debut album Spirals in 2013 and 2015 saw the release of two records; A Call to Stand E.P. and The Caravan Sessions live album. In 2016 I crowdfunded £10,000 from over 200 amazing supporters and recorded my full band studio album Meet You There that was released Sept 2017. In 2018 I released two singles We Will Not Be Lost To These Times and Cross the River and an E.P. with the gladness of a fool. 2020 saw the release of All In The End Is Harvest.