Music – original



Spirals is an acoustic/folk record released in Dec 2013.

The songs reflect a personal passage on the flipside of loss, travels and adventures to the wilds and the stillness inside and out. It is about return and reconnection and the simplicity, inspiration and joy found there. It speaks of nature’s elemental mirror where death is a necessity and life holds the inexhaustible power to renew.

Spirals is about the cracking open of a conditioned life and the opportunity to wake up into something new. It is about change beginning within yourself before it can flow outwards in the world. It is about following an endless spiral that circles from the edge to the centre and then out again, each time going a little deeper.

It is a collection of stories inspired by many places, people and pieces of art, a record of a particular time and part of a cycle that goes on and on…



In praise of Spirals:

‘What You’re Looking For is the best song I heard in 2013 by a mile… check out this song if you want to feel something listening to an acoustic track again’

‘The songs take you on a journey through life with all the joy and pain of being human and gives shape to our own emotions’.

‘This is the work of a women who enters the depth of her life and sings her self home and this transmits to others’

‘Beautiful lyrics that surprise me all over again’

‘Like a darker, more gutsy Beth Orton, these songs bloom with an honest, and at times cut-throat emotionality, all beautifully carried via her clarity of feeling, her warm intelligence, her rich vocal style and her visceral guitar playing. These are songs that burrow their way into your ears and stay in your head and heart for many months after initial listening, slowly wrapping their elegant sensitivity around your own experiences’