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What’s all this about then?

I am a songwriter, musician and activist. I’m very excited to birth my latest album into the world. The songs are ready, the producers are ready, the musicians are ready. I’m feeling fit to burst and I now need help to make this financially possible.

Why now?

I had an email the other day that said ‘your music continues to save my life every day post-election’. That pretty much sums up why I’m pressing ahead with this, even at a strange time of year to be running a crowdfunder. I am seeing the way what I create is serving a bigger picture. There’s a lot going on in the world at this time. I just spent three months walking the coastline of Wales followed by a month of music making in the U.S. during the election. I have emerged believing stronger than ever that art is needed in these times, that songs are needed, and I am committed to that work.

What is the album about?

These are songs about my journeys over the past few years. They are soul songs, rooted in folk music. They are stories, they speak of walking into the unknown and trusting what emerges in that process. They are songs about weathering storms and transforming hearts, about learning from  the wild places, the dark places and the edge places. They are songs that support walking the road less travelled.

If you’ve enjoyed my previous albums then you will likely enjoy this one, and, it is an extension and growth from what I’ve done before. The next step, if you will 🙂

£8500 is a lot of money…

Yes it is. It is expensive to make an album, and what I’m raising here is covering the basic costs of what it takes to produce a professional studio record. I want to be transparent about where the money is going and the breakdown of the costs are below.

I want this album to reach a much wider audience than my previous work and to create a much fuller framed landscape in this record than I have before.  This is my 4th album (5th including demo) that I’ve shared publicly and up to this point I’ve funded it myself, recorded it basically myself or called in favours from talented and generous musician/sound engineering friends. I want to do this differently, I want to pay people properly, I don’t want to cut corners and I want to respect what it is I’m creating.

How can we help?

If you’ve enjoyed any of my music before I’m asking if you would be willing to please donate today. You can contribute a little, or more if you are able. Perhaps simply pay upfront for a copy of the album. There’s a number of rewards that you can choose from or there is also an option to just donate to support this project if you don’t want anything back.

I can only do this with community helping me, so I would be so grateful for you sharing this campaign as much as possible with your networks over the next month and helping me reach my goal.

Stay tuned – during the campaign I’ll be sharing more about this project and myself plus releasing new songs and videos so keep in touch and thankyou so much for joining me.

To know more about the album read these words by Philip Ralph

To listen to my other music head to

Breakdown of costs:

14 days studio hire, sound engineering and 10xtrack mixes = 3780. Mastering = 525. Session musicians = 1000. Photography/ Design/Marketing costs = 1000. Production of physical CDs = 1500 (Plus Indigogo Fees: 5% platform fee/Third party fees for payment processors: 3% plus 30 cents per transaction for credit card, and 3-5% for PayPal)

*The album is planned to be recorded during January/February and released in April 2017. This is the intention, and may need to shift. I will release it as soon as it’s ready! If you have bought perks that can be delivered before that date then you can request to have them sooner, otherwise they will all be sent together when it’s launched.


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