“The fact is we are born with these primary cracks, cleavages, our fault lines, our fractional crystalline structure, just like any stone, igneous, sedimentary or metamorphic, we are marked by strata, vesicles, textures (just look at our labyrinthine brains) and these portals and pathways lead into our deep cavernous interior, with unrecognized fossils, generations of petroglyphs, symbols of old, our clandestine chambers full of passionate magma, our ancient water pockets, veins mineralized by silver, tungsten, copper, or flakes of gold…these ways in allow erosion to carve and expose us causing our souls secrets to stand out like cinder cones, monuments, mesas and cliff faces―landmarks for others to encounter.  Somehow through weathering we become more visible.  We are seen.”
– MATthew cochran

In the Autumn of 2016 I had the privilege to be invited to Soul Fire Sanctuary – the 18th Sound/Peace Chamber, located in Swannona, in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina. You can read about the lineage of this Chamber here. There are about 70 of these incredible spaces in the world, and this one is guardianed by Mz. imani, who welcomed me to use the space for one of the most profound creative experiences of my life to date. Keep reading!