We often say that it’s been a rough time or that it’s been a “tough few weeks”. We sometimes say that things have never been so tough. But these days, these times, we may well be right. And, at times like this, we always take solace and comfort in each other, in our friends, our loved ones… and the music that moves us, warms us and makes us smile and cry. At times like this, we turn to artists who speak to our best selves. And there is no artist who speaks so well to our best selves than Eleanor Brown. Keep reading!

Whilst practicing The Way of Council one of the most profound things I’ve learnt is that each person holds a piece of the truth, and each piece, however jarring, is needed to create the whole. This is a simple principle, but one that has far reaching consequences on more compassionate and successful communication as I learn to value all stories and to speak and listen from the heart; a quiet yet radical act and way of being in the world. Keep reading!

In 2012 I followed through on a rant I had delivered some months earlier to a circle of women about how unacceptable it was that I did not know enough about living in the natural world and decided to simplify my life, live closer to the land and begin to learn how to grow food and work with plants. A seed had been sown two years earlier when I’d spent some time on a permaculture farm in Southern Oregon and it could no longer be ignored. I moved into a caravan in a grove of trees (ash, oak, willow and hawthorn), painted it red on the outside, yellow and fuschia on the inside and started work on an organic farm and community food project. Keep reading!

Spirals is an acoustic/folk record of 12 songs written over a 3 year period and released in Dec 2013. The songs reflect a personal passage on the flipside of loss, travels and adventures to the wilds and the stillness inside and out. It is about return and reconnection and the simplicity, inspiration and joy found there. It speaks of nature’s mirror where death is a necessity and life holds the inexhaustible power to renew. Keep reading!

To Fall or To Fly is the opening track on spirals. A simple and meandering tune, it’s about inner and outer journeys that take great courage to travel.

I choose to start my blog here because as much as this song is an introduction to the album it’s also an introduction of sorts to my recent self. So hello and welcome. Keep reading!